A different way to create

I consider myself a traditional artist, pencil, paper, paintbrush, cavas, markers, pastels you name it, I want to use it all.

I have done some graphics design on the side and I always had a tough time drawing on photoshop, I always had to hand draw what I wanted and scan it in to illustrator and have it trace it.  I could never get that stupid pen tool to work for me. I even tried getting a mid grade drawing tablet, still I just couldn’t get it to work for me.

Technology has and still is changing the way art is created and I love me some technology.  I wanted something I could use when I was having painters block. I did a lot of research, I wanted to find something that wouldn’t break me or my husband.  There are a lot of awesome drawing tablets out there, and trust me when I say if I had and extra $2500.00 I would have got one of those drawing tablets,  however we are not called starving artist for no reason, well not starving but I have to work a very unfulfilled 9-5. Anyway,  after doing about 6 months of research the best tablet that I found for myself was the Samsung Note 12.2. It is still pricy but it bets paying over $1000.00.

My wonderful husband got me one for Christmas and it was the best choice,  for me there is still a learning curve, I am use to the traditional way of drawing.  I have been practicing almost every night since I received my tablet,  below is the “digital” art I have created from the beginning to now. It is amazing what being stubborn can create.

This is the first sketch I did on the tablet



This is the latest creation.

I love that there is always going to be a different way to create art, I find something new to try almost every time I turn on my computer, a new technique,  a new product a different way of doing things. No matter how good I get,  I hope I always keep myself open to learning new things.


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