The Struggles of a not so Starving Artist

Nothing is worse then having a job that just doesn’t make you happy and knowing it is going to take a lot more time to do what you love. I have been in customer service type jobs since I started to work when I turned 16. What makes it worse is that I have a goal (to make a living from my art) and I am pursing it but I am not a patient person, all you have to do is ask my kids :). I know this is going to take time, probably years and I can honestly see why some artist fail. It gets so depressing when you create something and it just collects dust, while your wallet is empty from buying the art supplies (which is not cheap for better materials).

What I know is, I need to market myself, create more and step out of my comfort zone. I am a shy person, I am always afraid of what someone will say. I remember that great saying “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one” and that is the problem. REJECTION, another scary word for me. Finding time to paint or draw seems almost impossible at times, working a regular 9-5 and family takes a lot of time. Waiting on a pay check so I can buy the few colors I am out of and I have to wait a week so I can continue with a painting, a huge pain in the ass. Not knowing how to go about marketing myself is hurting my process too.

So how do I get past these issues???

With great family and friends, I would not have pushed myself this far if it wasn’t for my support team. I give major kudos to my hubby, he has been so great. He has been with me at times when I go to purchase may art supplies and I have seen the look on his face when he sees the cost and bless his heart he doesn’t say a word. He listens to my great plans, even if they seem too big. He is not a big art guy but he listens and thats what matters the most to me. My dad and mom, both tell me I am a great artist, I use to watch my dad paint when I was younger and that was when the dream was created. My wonderful friends, the ones I can always show what I have created and will give me their honest opinion.

Rejections are going to happen and opinions I don’t like or agree with are always going to be there, I have to keep reminding myself of that so I don’t take it to heart. What I think is art may not be the opinion of someone else and vise versa. I have to make time! that is all there is to it but I also have to be realistic, staying up too late and not getting enough sleep is a creativity killer too. If i can’t create then I can’t market myself.

It would be great to pick the brain of artists that have made their dreams come true. Hear their story of struggles and get their advice. This is my open invitation to you for giving some advise to a artist that wants to listen.


3 thoughts on “The Struggles of a not so Starving Artist

  1. I’m actually in the same boat as you…maybe even far behind as I’m still learning many of the basics of art. I just know it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, and now I finally have the chance to pursue it…which is scary because now I actually need to produce something! Although I’m still a student artist, I have been checking out income streams and resources for the future…and there are many out there. Some of my favorite:, he has a podcast and newsletter for helping creatives become successful in their business, and …and there are numerous books addressing this subject in depth. The great thing is, there is help out there…it can be overwhelming but we live in an age where we have the freedom to market ourselves online with less time involved than in the past, and it will pay off eventually! At least, this is my hope. Good luck to us both! 🙂


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