Interactive Art

I get a newsletter emailed to me from “Skinny Artist“, the specific  blog was about “How to get more traffic to your website”. They had mentioned a website called, being the curious woman that I am I checked it out, signed up for it and now  I am hooked.

What is it? is a discovery engine that finds and recommends web content to its users.  You are able to personalize it to your taste and interest.  You chose some of your interests and it will bring up sites that contain those interest. It is great if you want to browse the internet but don’t know what you are looking for.

What I found

Of course one of my interest was art and it brought up this pretty cool interactive art site called It is interactive generative art that allows you to use your mouse to create whirls and transform beautiful designs right on your computer screen, it was created by Yuri Vishnevsky, a computer science and linguistics student.

I can see myself using this when I want to create and have no idea what I want to do or just a new way to mediate before I paint or draw. What it also lead me to do is check out what the app stores have. If you have an iPad there is an app for this called “Silk – Interactive Generative Art”, however if you have an android tablet, this app is not available but there is one like it called “Silk Paints”.  I played around with the android version, it is fun and allows you to create more of a picture then just a design. I have not tried out the iPad version yet, they did not have a free download.

This is one of the designs i created on, It would make a pretty cool background.

Silk interactive


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