What do you think?

I read something tonight that kind of got under my skin. I would like to know what others think about this comment,

“If your not making money from your art, it’s a hobby not a career.”

Here is my thought……does a career not start somewhere? As I said before I have that regular 9-5 job, not a career. I did not wake up one day and say “I want to work in customer service for the rest of my life.” There are things I need to learn before I can truly make a living from my art, more then learning techniques. I take that comment as an insult to anyone who is working through this process. Why is it that people who have no idea seem to think they have all the right advice and right answers?

I still need to learn the marketing aspects of being an artist and that is out of my comfort zone, again something I have to work through.So for someone to say my art is just a hobby because I have only sold one painting really pisses me off. I work hard at my job so I have a paycheck, I work hard to help take care of my family and I am working hard to turn my art into a career, doesn’t feel like a hobby to me, feels like a woman who has a dream and working to make it reality.

So those who have something to say to a struggling artist make sure it is something that will help them in their journey, not snuff out their dream.


3 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. I am not ready to sell anything of mine. I am still in the stage of just beginning to show my stuff… But I am an artist! And this is my dream career-to paint. Every person has an opinion, just keep going! You know what you want!

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  2. I agree…and think that those of us trying to make art our career work harder in many ways than “traditional” 9-5 jobs: we are constantly (more than just 8 hours a day) striving to improve, fighting against all odds (including our own doubts) to make it. That comment is only true for taxes…I believe for many of us art is a calling, certainly more than a hobby, although there’s nothing wrong with that either if that’s enough for someone! Making a living at it is the challenge, and my dream as well. Never let anyone bring you down! I’m trying not to. 🙂

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  3. I totally agree with you… I love painting too, but for me its not just a hobby..nor it has been my career yet. But I am an Artist, no matter what people say. Judging a person is easy and free, so people do not hesitate to use it.
    Don’t let that put you down.


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