Artist on a Mission

I have set a goal for myself, my  plan is to have enough paintings done by the end of the year and apply for a few of the local art festivals that we have here in Florida. I am not sure how much work will be involved in this besides dedicating myself to my goal. I know I need to have a portfolio, if anyone has an idea of how to get one together with out spend a butt load of money please let me know, I am all ears. I have also been playing around with the idea of going to some of the local art districts and see if some of the café or stores will allow someone to hang their painting. What better way to get myself out there and get out of my comfort zone.

It’s funny, my husband and I were talking about where we are and wishing we could get a break, and I wish the same thing.  I told him if we keep going in the same direction we are, something is bound to happen. I said it before,  I honestly thought if I painted it, they would come, I could not have been more wrong and you know what, I am OK with that. This journey that I have started is just the beginning,  and it has taught me so much in this short amount of time. I am finding myself, I see how much my family stands beside me to hold my hand and behind me to give me that little push when I need it. I have learned that people I have never meet before are on the same journey and struggling just as much as I am. I love that we can support each other with just our words and we understand each other. Just the other day I was at a store trying to find a pair of wireless headphones for when I paint. After explaining to the girl helping me she told me she was an artist also and showed me one of her paintings. Meeting her makes me feel like I am on the right track. It shows me I am not alone with my dream, and just because I am not where I thought I would be when I first started, doesn’t mean I won’t get there.

To all my Artists followers and friends, good luck and we will all get there when it is our time.

Here is another painting I just finished,  as a matter of fact it is on the back porch drying, I put a nice resin coating on it. I haven’t settled on a good title for it, I am up for ideas….

untitled copy

Acrylic, gold leaf on Gallery wrapped canvas with resin coating


Your comments and ideas are welcomed……


3 thoughts on “Artist on a Mission

  1. Good luck with preparing your work for the art festivals. I love this painting because gold leaf is so appealing to me. I want to incorporate it more in my work. I also love abstract concepts. How about calling it “Dimension.” It looks like a window into a window, almost like when you go into the level of REM where you’re not aware you’re dreaming.


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