Out of my Chaos

To save a little money I purchased a linen canvas 12″ x 16″ from Jerry’s Artarama, great stuff! I have also purchased a few 24″ x 36″ canvas, a lot of paint and my pouring medium. This is definitely my go to place, the shipping is pretty fast, just a few days and the prices are great and even better when they have sales. If I am not in a hurry I will wait those few days.

I have been playing with the Linen canvas (which is actual canvas and not paper with a canvas feel), I got to the point where I was sitting looking at a blank canvas and nothing came to mind so I put some gold leaf on it and left it to play with the kids outside since nothing else was coming to mind. I came back and still nothing so I started adding color, I figured “What the hell, maybe a little color will help”, nope, just spreading paint. ARGH!!! Damn painters block, I hate it. I got so pissed off at it I just took my tube of paints and just placed paint sporadically around the small canvas. That is when it hit me, and I went to work.

I did something out of the ordinary for me and it helped me loosen up my mind. This is not one of my greatest works of art, but this was what I was feeling at the time. With so many stress factors in my life I tend to get painters block a lot, of course I don’t let it stop me.  So out of my chaos came this….


I have placed this in my Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AcrylicsbyDanielle

And as always all comments are welcomed


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