Sketching, Gouache and Artist Block

With two kids (7 & 9) we have seen our share of Disney Movies, I’m not complaining, most of them are good movies. One that is not too old is “Wreck It Ralph”, this is a cute movie. Vanellope Van Schweets is adorable, she reminds me of our daughter. I decided I wanted to sketch her and use my new set of Gouache paint, so I did. I am finding that there is a larger learning curve then I thought, so much different than acrylic paint. I think my biggest problem is the blending, this paint dries so fast.


I have decided I will continue to work on my sketching for the time being until a painting idea comes to mind. I figure I have to keep the creative juices flowing, even if it is sketching something from a movie. I am having such a hard time with painters block. I am pretty sure it has a lot to do with stress but I can’t do anything about that, A full time job and 2 children will drain you. I will give props to my husband once again, he is a trooper, when he sees I am in the zone he will leave me alone and keep our children busy.

It would be great to get some ideas to get past this, how do you get your creative ideas on paper, canvas or whatever you are creating on?

Let me know what you think too…

I am up for anything at this point!


2 thoughts on “Sketching, Gouache and Artist Block

  1. I have always used acrylics and it’s the first time heard about “gouache paint”. But whenever I need to learn strokes or blending or sketching I look for youtube tutorials. you may find something there too.


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