People and Technology, Sometimes They Don’t Mix

I will warn you now, this blog entry has nothing to do with art what so ever.

Woman Phone Car About To Crash

Today on my drive home from work I was almost side swiped 3 times in a matter of 15 minutes (absolutely no exaggeration, actually it was probably less time), and what was going on?? Nope I didn’t have a giant magnet on the side of my car, I was driving by a couple of jerks texting and driving. What pisses me off the most is that twice it was the same lady with a child in the car. She was so focused on her phone she didn’t even noticed I honked the first time, I had to lay on my horn to make her pay attention. After getting past her little bug I looked back in my rearview mirror and she was literally in between two lanes.

Stop Texting While Driving Sign

What is so important that people have to put everyones life in danger? Why can they not wait until the next traffic light? I am not the perfect driver, but I will not put my life or my families life in danger to answer some stupid text.

We as a society have grown so dependent on our technology that we have forget how to talk to someone that is right in front of us. Over the weekend our family went to a water park and I was amazed over how many people still had their phones with them and I mean in the water with them, either they had it in some waterproof poach thingy or had a waterproof cover. Come on, REALLY, people can’t go a few hours with out having their phones attached to them so they can spend time with their families. Ok, it would be one thing if they did that so they could take pictures, but even then there are waterproof cameras out there too.

Maybe we should make it a point to put the technology down and learn how to interact with people again. Get out have some family time, technology can wait, what did we do when there were no smart phones? And what are we teaching our children?

This is what is important to me, not my next text or email, not even my next piece of art is as important as my family, whats important to you?


Please leave a comment, I would like to know what everyone else thinks.


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