Zentangle Art

As I have said before when I have painters block I will doodle, sketch or Zeltangle®. Well I have had painters block for a few days because I have been under the weather, of course that doesn’t mean I haven’t try to throw some paint on canvas, just means I don’t like whats on that canvas…:)

So between the coughing, sneezing and everything else that goes with a nasty Florida Cold I have been working on this:


As you can see it is unfinished, I am using gouache to put color in it. I love Zentangle® it is a great outlet when painting isn’t going my way. I would really love to incorporate it in an actual drawing of a landscape or something along that lines. At the moment the only thing that is finished is the orange going around the outside. I am hopping a feel a little better today to at least get half of it painted. I can’t wait to update this when it is finished.

Tell me what you think?


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