A Simple Mothers Day Painting

My goal today was to do a nice little Mothers Day painting with gouache. We had a busy day planned so I got started on it this morning before we went anywhere. I didn’t draw it out, I wanted to go free brush. Part of me went into this thinking, “OK, I can do this”, this other part of me said “you need more practice with the faces and the gouache.”I figured what the hell, lets give it a try and see how it comes out, the only way we learn is through our mistakes, right?

This was my stopping point:

Happy Mothers Day

When we got back home I started working on it again, I probably shouldn’t have because I was tired and I am still trying to get past this gouache learning curve called “blending” sometimes I can get it and some times I am about to lose my mind, also the same with faces, sometimes they come out good, other times they look like aliens.

This is my end result, if I would have kept going I would have lost it. The kids faces came out ok, but the mother looks a little weird.

This was the end result


Either way I want to wish all my fellow mothers out there A wonderful, love filled day.



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