Watercolor Zentangle

Watercolor, watercolor pencils and pen
Watercolor, watercolor pencils and pen

Well, here is another Zentangle™ I did, what should have only taken me a couple of days to finish took me about a week. Here is what I have learned with this little piece of art.

This is for all my fellow Zentangle friends that would like to add color to their tangles. Here is my trial and error of using watercolor pencils with multiliner pens.

So here is the problem I found when using watercolor pencils with your regular multiliner pens. Apparently the watercolor pencils still keep that waxy film even when it is diluted with the water. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the pencils and I think they will be great with other projects but not so much with this type of art. The multiliner pens would pick up the film from the paper and soon start fading. I had to have a sheet of paper and some alcohol wipes next to me to clean them off periodically to get them to work again, which extended the amount of time it took to do each tangle, there were a couple of times I was ready to scrap it but I stuck with it, I can be stubborn like that. I tried 3 different multiliner brands and every single one did this along with a regular black sharpie and as I said before, I am very picky about the products I use and these were all well know products.

The lesson for the day….Watercolor pencils and multiliner pens are not friends. I would love to hear of any ink product that would work on top of this media, leave me a comment and let me know.

Happy Zentangling


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