My Little Comic

So I have this reoccurring thing that happened to me ever night, someone suggested that I do a little comic strip about it and I thought, what the hell lets give it a shot. I drew out my comic the outlined it in pen. After spending all of Saturday running around town trying to find a cheaper alternative to Illustrator and came home empty handed I decided to put it on hold until Sunday. After downloading free trial after free trial, I finally found an app in the Apple App store that would turn my drawing into a vector image. I was able to scan it in and fill in the color on the computer. Definitely not my norm but I wanted to try something different. It will take some getting use to and it makes me want to get one of those bamboo tablets, which will have to wait. but this is the finished product.

Junebug 1Junebug2junebug5junebug3junebug4

You can read the full story here: Are You Afraid of Bugs?


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