Life’s Better at the Beach

I’m not sure what people from the coast say, but as a native Floridian , I love the beach, of course by my pale skin you would never guess it, I don’t tan, I burn and peel. My personal favorite is the west coast of Florida, Siesta Key.

I have put together two things I love, Zentangle™ and the beach, painted with watercolor and gouache, and tangles done in pen. I will be honest, I am not completely happy with the way this came out in its entirety. The birds came out too fat after I painted them and the palm tree looks a little too small. I tried to be a little too quick with it and I was missing some tools that would have made this a little easier. I absolutely love the way the waves came out.

After I finished painting in the watercolors I immediately jumped online to one of my favorite art supply stores, Blick Art Material and of course Amazon. My goal, get some watercolor masking and watercolor paper. The masking will help me keep the areas I want to stay white or clear from new paint safe. The watercolor paper, well that is so I am not confined to my art journal or traditional canvas. I have to admit, this whole finding your niche thing is great, I always thought watercolors would be to hard to work with, I felt like they were unpredictable. Since I have been working with them and the gouache I am finding I really like that fact. I look forward to doing more art with them.

Let me know what you think


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