Starting a New Wave

I will start this post by showing you my second wave painting, I used watercolor, gouache and got the awesome background effect with table salt.


I am starting a new wave with my art, I have decided to have prints made of my ZenTrees, I will be selling these on my Etsy store in roughly about 2 weeks. I am going to the print shop today to check out the paper and the shop of course. I am so excited about this next step, kind of scary though, investing more money, but I feel good about this.

I know some artist look down on this, I look at it like this, there is artwork that is absolutely only canvas worthy, that should never be made in to prints. There is also art that make awesome prints. I feel my ZenTrees will do good as prints along with other applications. I have also thought about taking a class for art licensing. Learn the ins and outs of this so I can possible push my artwork even further.


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