Life Little Tests

As most of you know I have decided to hold off on selling any of my artwork, I need to make sure I am completely legit before I make the move. I need to get a business structure and a business license, which of course both take money. If you have read any of my other post and my about page you will know we lost our house a few years ago, well we our getting a little closer to being home owners again. It has been a LONG drawn out process but hopefully worth it we, still have to get the inspection and praying that all will be good. Of course with every new home there are things that need to be purchased and thing that will have to wait. I have choose to wait on the business license until I know where we are with the house, if it passes inspection and we get the right loan then the business license will have to wait, if it does not pass inspection then I will probably go ahead and get my “art” business set-up. Either way  I will continue to create, this is just another test in life and its trying to see if I will quit and I have given it a big “HELL NO”.

I have decided to enter into an art contest, it is a “Zendoodle” contest, these are the 2 I have entered:

Tangled Tree

I am excited so see how I do, I am not treating this as a “Am I good enough” test. I have seen myself grow and I intend to use this time wisely. I had someone ask me the other day, “If the bank comes back with a higher cost for the house will you give up your art?” my response was, “Why would I do that?” This is something that makes me happy and I am not going to give up ever time it gets too hard or there is another bump in the road.

I have settled too much in my life because I was not willing to put in the work it took to get to the next step, I will not settle anymore. We as a family have made it through some VERY tough times, things that I have seen break families because people are not willing to change or not willing to except change. My sweet husband has been so supportive, when I got pissed off about the business license issue he encouraged me to continue painting , he said “Just keep working on your art, it’s suppose to be fun” and he is so right.

I guess what I am trying to say is, If it makes you happy and you hit a few bumps in the road, don’t stop, because the one thing you may need or even want may be just around the corner. Life’s little test can make you or break you, what are you going to let it do to you?


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