Just Another Doodle

Kind of in an artist block again, so much going on and trying to take it all in. We are in negotiations for a house and we are really close but it has been a long and stressful 7 months since we started this whole process but hopefully in about two months we will be moving in to our new home (new to us), of course that is if the bank doesn’t come back with an outrageous counter offer and the inspection goes good.  I am really starting to lose my patients and as much as I am trying to paint I feel like I am forcing it sometimes. So when that happens I turn to doodling, sometimes there is structure to it other times, there is no rhyme or reason, like this one. This is my way of keeping my creativity flowing. Of course one of the first thing I am going to buy is a good light I can use to take better pictures of my artwork, there is no Sunlight at 10pm.

What do you do to keep your creativity flowing?


3 thoughts on “Just Another Doodle

  1. hmmmm…..giraffes, riding bikes….but I love this doodle…and all the patterns and color choices. I too like to doodle like this, zendoodle and tangling….good for you to keep creative!


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