New Journal, New Tree and New White Pens

I know I said I was done doing trees for a while but I picked up this really cool handmade watercolor journal from hand-book journal Co from Hobby Lobby. The pages have deckled edges, Love it! I wanted something to go across the first two pages and what better then a big tangled tree. As you can tell by this painting I really like Blue and green together and I added a touch of yellow.

I also wanted to test some new white pens, which I have been on the hunt for forever and after a very intense search for the perfect white pen I stumbled across a few reviews on Uni-ball Singo Broad. I had never seen these in the store here so I ordered them off Amazon and I can say I absolutely love these. They have a nice thick line and have a great opaque white pigment. I didn’t have a problem with them pulling up the black gouache, only one minor problem, I went though the whole pen with this one tree. I also picked up the Uni-ball Angelic, it is great for the thinner lines but it doesn’t seem to have the same opaque pigment like the thicker one but it does the job.

I was using the white Gelly Roll pens and they worked good, however I had a few issues that didn’t work for me. First, if I was filling in an area it would sometimes pull up the black pigment from the gouache. Second, if I was going over some of the white I had already done it would pull up the white that was dry. Now don’t get me wrong, I still like my Gelly roll pens, but as you have seen from previous post I use a lot of white ink and I need to make sure I am using a product that isn’t making me do double the work.

Well, look at that, this post turned out to be more of a review of white pens. I hope you enjoyed and if you are on a search for the perfect white pen I hope this helps a little in your search.


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