A Families Ugly truth about Insurance and Healthcare

There is no pretty pictures in this post only the UGLY truth of how healthcare is more about getting the money and less about treating the person.

This post will have absolutely nothing to do with art and everything to do with the screwed up health system. I am so disgusted with our so called healthcare system and I am going to explain why.

A very close family member of mine woke with a headache the other night only to end up having a seizer, she said she was feeling better only to start having another one a little while later. Now I don’t know every detail of what exactly happened that morning, I do know I received a call at 7:30 in the morning letting me know she was on the way to the hospital.

This family member I speak of is a wonderful mother of 5, a foster mother of 2 other children, a wife and she works a regular job. Her family is not the type of family to sit around and let the government take care of them, not only that a few months ago they had their house burn down but they picked themselves up and moved forward not asking for any help. They are Good People!!

I received a call from her letting me know she was out of the hospital, she then went on to tell me about what happened:

After they found out she had a type of Medicaid insurance the service they provided to her went down the drain. The doctor that said she would come back in and let her know what was going on, what her test results were, you know all the info you need to know before they discharge you from the hospital NEVER came back! Come to find out they were discharging her from the hospital with out any information. She told the nurse that the doctor never came back so the nurse called the doctor. Apparently the Doctor said that all the test came back fine but they still sent her home with a prescription for seizers. On top of that her paperwork said she had a STROKE! What the Hell???

She told me she does not feel comfortable about taking the medication, it made her feel weird, almost dumb and asked me what I thought. Fist thing I said, get a second opinion before you take anything. How the hell do they send someone home with medication for one thing only to have a so called diagnosis of something different. This is not the first time they have been treated like this, it happened at another hospital a few years back when she had a seizer.

I need someone to explain to me how and why this happens, here is someone that obviously needs to be properly diagnosed only tho be pushed out. Yet up until recently a drug addict could get welfare while the rest of us pay for it and yes I am one of those who agree with the drug testing for welfare. I am completely for helping those who help themselves, if people need help with food and medical needs so be it, there are different reasons for every situation. In this case there is no drug addict, there is not a lazy ass, only hard working good people trying to leave that so called “American Dream.”

I can’t say I know how this would feel, however I can image how it would feel and it pisses me off to know that they would turn someone away just because of the type of insurance they have. Could you imagine leaving the hospital not knowing what was going on with you? How many people have they done this to all over the United States?

So WHY???? Why can’t she get the medical attention she needs, Here is my thoughts, because they can’t pay the hospital bill as quickly as the hospital would like, because the insurance company will take forever to pay the claim, because they can’t line the hospitals pockets fast enough.

I want to know what you think or if anyone has any ideas on how to help in this type of situation.


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