Mixed Media Garden

I had every intention to tangle my little garden but somewhere along the line that changed. I started with the background in watercolors and threw salt on it for the grainy background. I went on the draw out what I wanted in my garden. Remember I was originally going to tangle so I did some funky stick looking things. Then I though, hey maybe a mushroom or two so in they go then some more flowers, sit there and stare at it for a little while knowing something is missing, oh maybe some rocks, ok they go in too.

Ok so everything is drawn out, time for some color, I needed something that was a bit opaque so I used gouache which worked great. After that was dry I went through and outlined everything, something still looked off, it was too flat. Honestly after staying up entirely way to late for the last few day I didn’t want to pull the paint out, I am too tired to clean up that mess, so I grabbed the Copic markers (I wasn’t sure if it would work or not) and add shadowing to my little garden. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they worked on top of the gouache.


2 thoughts on “Mixed Media Garden

  1. I know she is my daughter, but I am amazed at the amount of creative stuff that comes out of her. It never seems to slow downm. I am pleased, proud and anything else a mother can be.


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