Blooming Flowers

There is a place in Orlando, FL called Leu Gardens, it has been well over 10 years since I have been there but I remember it like it was last year. It is magnificent, I remember walking around there for hours. When I was younger I would go there to photograph the flowers. Sadly I have lost touch with it, talking about it makes me want to go again, take my kids to one of the movie nights they have there. Go during the day and photograph some of the flowers all while listening to my children tell me how hot and bored they are, it’s great to torture your kids with a little fresh air. Honestly I’m not sure how they will act bit hopefully they would enjoy it. I sat down last weekend and started this sketch and I finished it up last night, it reminded me of the times I use to go to the garden.

I sketched this out in pencil then went over the sketch with my Micron pens and color was added with Copic markers. I am sure you have heard me say this before and I am going to say it again, I LOVE these markers. Ok, so they are a little on the expensive side but I say they are well worth it. I can usually find them priced between $6.99 – $7.99 each, Michaels usually runs a sale of them a couple of times a year. I think I have about 71 in my collect right now. I usually pick them up when I notice I am lacking in certain colors. After adding color to this I feel the need to add to my collection.

Unfortunately as I have stated before, I do not have the proper lighting so I am relying on color correction to help me out a little. The lighting I have is either too warm or too cool, of course if I was patient I would have waited until tomorrow and took the picture outside, of course in Florida in the summer time it is usually raining by the time I get home for the j-o-b.

I hope you enjoy and if you are ever in Florida or if you live here and you love flowers you need to make time to go to Leu Gardens, it truly is beautiful, and if not do forget to stop and smell the flowers.


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