Get Your Swing Back

This would be a great place to be when everything seems to be going wrong


Think about when you were a kid, how much you enjoyed running to the swings, trying to be the first kid there. Trying to go as high as you can, pretending you were fly off into space. Maybe even laying on your tummy pretending you were superman or in my case superwoman. I remember have contests with my friends, we would swing as high as we could then jump of to see who could land the farthest.

Those were the days, now a days I wish for a moment like that. Maybe it should be mediatory for jobs to have a swing in the office. Have a difficult customer, take a swing and fly away for a little while. Pain in the ass co-worker, go for a swing, kids driving you crazy, go for a swing. Where are all the playgrounds for adults?

The older we act, the faster life is sucking us dry. We need to take time out to be a kid again, let the stress of a bad day wash away with a little bit of fun. I am thankful for my children, as much as they can drive me crazy, they also bring out the kid in me, they make me realize the dreams I have put aside and they make me want to work harder to make those dreams a reality.

So My message to all of you is simple…….

There is nothing wrong with acting like a kid and having a little fun
every once in awhile


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