This Old Cat

A Lot of people I know have a pet or two or more, we have one 14yr old cat. His name is Jasper, I found him at work as a kitten roaming the parking lot, and he is a sweet cat, especially now that he is older. There are however a couple family members on both sides that do not feel that way about Jasper, he is a cat that knows what he does and does not want and if you are petting him wrong or he is done, he will let you know, of course he doesn’t do that to us. He has put our kids in their place a few times, so now they are cautious around him.

Watercolor and Gouache
Watercolor and Gouache

He use to be sneaky though, if my Hubby was aggravating him, Jasper would rub against my husbands legs really sweet like and then when he least expected it Jasper would turn and bite the back of my husbands ankle. I found it pretty funny and I always warn him that it was going to happen. When Jasper was younger I could get him to jump at least 3 feet in the air, he would run around the house all crazy then climb all the way up a door jam. I miss those days sometimes, I wish my kids could have seen him in his crazy days, they would have loved it.


What is one of your fondest memories of your little best friend?


3 thoughts on “This Old Cat

  1. I love the strong contrast in the painting. We had a cat called Felix who lived next door (sadly he is no longer with us due to a battle with a car which he lost). He would lie in our garden all day because his owners had a large breed puppy who would annoy him. If I tried to move him he would stripe me with his claws but I once saw my, then, 5 year old son, dropping soil on him. The cat just ignored him – right up until the point where my son tried to water him at which point he went over the fence to face up to his puppy housemate!

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    1. Growing up we had a few cats at one time, something I didn’t care much for. When we found Jasper I fell in love with him. He has gotten sick a couple of times and I thought this last time was the last time. This cat really has 9 lives. He has completely bounced back. He is our “SUPER KITTY”

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