Feeling a Little Jelly

Every now and then I like to check out what “Skillshare” has to offer for a traditional artist. They don’t have a lot but they do have a few. One I chose was “Modern Watercolor Techniques” It was a fun little class and not hard to follow at all. This is where I got my “Spacey picture side from, it was the last assignment. My favorite part was the Jelly fish though, I had a tough time with the first one I did so I tried it a second time, here is the fist and second one.

This was the fist try, she had us mixing different mediums with watercolors. I was using watercolors, acrylic ink and gouache. I liked the colors of the right jelly and the bottom jelly the most.

This was Jelly number 2. I felt like I was getting a little more control with the smaller brush. I also added that thing in the middle that I saw on most jelly fish.
I can’t say I will start painting jelly fish or sea creatures but it was nice to learn a new way to let go and experiment a little. I can defiantly see myself using inks with my watercolors every now and again. You never know when a new technique will come in handy. I have attached the link to the title if you would like to check it out.


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