What happened to Fall??

Unfortunately, here in Florida there is no such thing as seasons, you have hot, comfortable or wait its not supposed to be this cold in Florida. I have grown up in florida and have never had the opportunity to see the changing leaves of fall, when it gets to what we call cold in Florida you just see the trees loose their leaves. So in celebration of the fall season……

I wanted to try something a little different, this is done in india ink. I started with a cheap calligraphy brush but couldn’t get the thin lines I was looking for so I switched to a calligraphy dip pen and #0 and #00 watercolor brushes. I did not draw this out first, I wanted to see what I could come up with right out of my head, there were a few mistakes but I made them work for me. I really like the way this came out and I am considering trying this on canvas with acrylics, maybe even add a little color.


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