‘Tis the Season to be Crazy

We have been super busy with the holidays Lately and I have found it hard to stay on top of everything. So where to start, we are waiting for the final “Gold Cert.” on the loan approval for the house and it is driving me crazy and stressing me out. Its hard not to think about but we keep praying that everything will work out. Thanksgiving was great and time flew by getting to Christmas, only a few more days left and of course I have a couple more things to get got to love waiting on a pay check.

One thing I did not wait until the last possible minute on was Christmas cards. I only did 5, to be honest I loved doing the outside of the cards but the blank inside is what scared me the most.

card collage


snowman card

He is my favorite, just so darn cute. I used watercolor for the background and took a chance on the snowman and used gouache. I loved the matte finish the gouache has, I outlined using india ink.


Christmas lights

This is my second favorite, the lines were done with copic multiliner pens, there wasn’t a specific line to follow so it was a little freeing. The light bulbs were done in waster colors and the base done in black gouache. Now the lettering, I an still working on finding the art of lettering but I am happy with the way it came out. I actually did this lettering last year but never made the cards.


snowman and tree

Coming in 3rd place it the tree and snowman. The background is in watercolors and salt (still love the effect salt has on watercolor). The tree was also done in water color. The ornaments, snowman and snow was done in a new medium to me, Dr. Martin inks. As you can tell the snowman and snow are a little blue. I had an issue with the shading but all in all, it doesn’t look too bad.



I liked the way that it turned out, the background is done in watercolors, the branch, ornaments, holly and lettering was done using ink. My only regret with this one is the silver paint pen I used.


sparkly card

Last but not least is this one, I was trying to get a nice crisp mixture of color but ended up with a watery mess so I had to blot the water (and paint) off the card which left the tie-dye look. I had a white border that just didn’t look right so I took some washi tape and used it as the border. still with just the lettering it looked boring so I found some old glitter puff paint and went to town, you can’t tell in the picture but it has a nice sparkle to it.

So this is what I have been up to for the last couple of weeks and happy to be done and work on other paintings.

To all my wonderful Family, Friends and WordPress friends

 Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Years

May all of needs be met and dreams come true.


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