A Cat Nap

Usually the reason for me having problems creating is becuase I have artist block or just too busy, well now I have a new problem.

Cat nap

Mr. Jasper has found a new napping place. This creates a big problem on so many levels:

  1. He is in my way
  2. As you can see, he is very hairy and has a lot of hair balls which he has no issues getting rid of wherever he would like.
  3. Again, very hairy and he sheds, on everything including the painting I was working on. (good thing I was not happy with the painting).
  4. He will push off anything in his way

Along with my art desk he has found a few other places, our computer desk, in front of the satellite receiver, the bathtub and the bin where I keep my art towels.

Along with is odd sleeping area he now has fleas. I will not say where he got these from but I do know the source. Now its off to the pet store to find a product to put on him because giving this cat a bath is a death sentence for anyone that attempts it. We have never had a flea problem so this is new territory for him and us, if anyone has any ideas I am open to them.


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