Coffee First Please…..

Coffee is good

With the new house right around the corner we have be thinking about having a coffee station. I would like to save counter space and the coffe maker has to have a home, it just doesn’t have to be right on the counter. We are a house that drinks coffee, not as much as my mother, no one can drink more coffee than her. Anyways, after looking on pintrest, I have seen a few ideas for coffee stations and it looks very doable. Also during this whole house buying process I have become more aware of my spending. With that being said, the plan for the coffee station will be going to thrift stores or garage sales to see if I can find a small piece of furniture that will fit the area and refurbish it, thank goodness I have refurbished a few things, then find something I can hang above it to hang the coffee cups. I would also like some artwork in the area so I desided to get started. This was drawn out then painted in gouache. I added the font with the computer, still working on the whole lettering thing. My plan is to do a total of 4, all different with a coffee or cafe theme.

For all my coffee lovers here you go!


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