Moving Day Count Down


35 days and counting to moving day and almost a whole house to pack. I thought it was cramped before, now we are getting trapped by boxes. I have already packed two boxes of art supplies and the picture above is a large portion of what is left. I plan on keeping a small sketchbook out along with my pen case. Hopefully I won’t get any GREAT ideas until after we move. I am so excited and can’t wait but this packing crap is not my thing, I am trying to get things that we dont use very often or can do with out for a month packed away along with giving stuff away that we don’t need so it is less we have to worry about later but there is so much more that we will use up till the day we move. I haven’t even touched the kids room yet, which has worked in my favor, momma’s got some leverage, for example today they were arguing and said some really hurtfull things to each other. In my very pissed off state, I looked at both of them and told them I would pack up all their toys including the game system and they would not have them until we moved into the new house, it’s amazing on how well that works. Well, if anyone has any good moving tips I am all ears.


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