Bunch of Mushrooms

Still keeping up with the creating and using the tablet. I am super happy with the way this one came out. Figuring out what all the little tools do is definitely a learning curve but having fun with it. The only problem I see with drawing on a tablet is sometimes you may have issues with the tablet, example, my stupid SD card keeps unmounting and mounting by itself, I even took everything off of it and re-formated it. It gets hot so I have to shut it off to let it cool. So there are pros and cons to both. Here is another drawing done on my tablet:


On another note moving Day is only 3 weeks away and I am excited for a few reasons:

  1. New beginning
  2. Our own house
  3. My style (with compromise with the hubby)
  4. Kids will have their own room (finally)
  5. More focus on turning my art into a career

Number 5 is going to take a lot of work, I’m not sure where to start, who to talk to, what to do. I have learned to take criticism, good and bad, I know that there will be rejection. If anyone has any pointer please leave a comment, I can use all the help I can get.

Here’s to New Beginnings and Happy Endings



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