Getting There….

Finally found some time to doodle on real paper last week, it was truly missed. I had a little issue with artist block so I went with what I have been drawing on my tablet. This is just a cute little doodle I used it to help me get back into the flow again. Flower mushroom2

I had planed on using either watercolor or inks to add color but I could not get to them and my art desk was a reck. I settled on using Copic markers, and I am pretty satisfied with they way it came out but I can’t wait to bust out the watercolors and inks which I am hoping to do tomorrow. I also invested in a better all-in-one printer and the scanning quality is so much better then the other one I used. Since we are still trying to get things unpacked things will be a bit slow going for a little while but I am trying to make sure I save  some time to create. So here’s to creating and unpacking


3 thoughts on “Getting There….

  1. I can relate to being so busy yet still finding some way to get a little art time in for yourself. That is very important to keep our creative minds going in the interim busy periods. This creation is so cute, being a lover of the whimsical it really made me smile. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, adding you to my follow list. 🙂

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