Working With To Much To Do

Last weekend we rode our bikes with the kids to the park in the front of our neighborhood and I brought along my new little sketchbook and pens. I wanted to try my hand at drawing what was in front of me.


Usually I draw or paint what comes to mind or on a photograph, so this was pretty new to me. I wish I would have taken a picture of it before I painted it, I like the color but I liked it in pen alone better.

We have been in our new house for 3 weeks and I of course thought we would be completely settled by now, boy was I wrong. We still have some boxes down the hallway and in the garage. I have my little one complaining that we can’t have fun today. I wish I could make her understand we would rather be doing other stuff too. We received our new file cabinet and guess what I got to do last night:


I did not want one of those metal ones so I splurged a little and purchased this one, of course the only down side, it has to be put together. I read the reviews on this cabinet and saw it took a lot of people a couple hours to put together, I’m not sure what they were doing wrong but it only took about an hour. The instructions said not to use power tools but I’m an artist, I don’t follow direction, I do it my way.
This was the end result:


It’s just the right size, and its pleasing to the eyes. Goes to show you where theres a will there’s a way. I was able to put this together, get some artwork done. Never mid the mess of course, we are still trying to get settled.


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