My first Tattoo Design

A week before my surgery our nephew said he wanted me to draw up a fairly simple mock up tattoo that he could take to the tattoo artist. I was a little excited, a piece of my art work on someones body and someone I know, lets do this! So I asked him what he wanted, like I said, it was a simple design, a heart with a banner going through it and roses at the top. I drew it up a couple of time before I was happy and he was happy with the outcome.

lorenz tatto
I scanned the artwork and kept the original, I had so ideas for this little creation. Anyway, I told him I wanted to see the tattoo once it was done, he was going to have the tattoo artist add wings. I get a text the next day with the picture, looked nothing like this, he said it would have cost him around $300 to get this one full color. I was a little disappointed but I still had this cute piece of art, so I went to work on it.


I played around with it and liked it more then the original, so I went a step further, I pulled out my light tablet and traced over this onto watercolor paper. I wanted to add color to it.

tattoo2 1

Tattoo design with watercolor
I added the color but once I was done I had all the white space left. So I filled in the white space with a bunch of tangles. All in all it took about a week to finish all of these. Of course as I look at this I see one thing I might add to make this heart look a little more rounded.

Moral to this post, step out of your comfort zone, you may come out of it learning more.


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