A Little Practice to Keep Busy

With so much going on I have been a little slow in posting, we moved in March and I also found out that I had a large mass in my belly. The mass was a Ovarian cyst that grew out of control, thankfully I was able to get this removed last week and everything was fine, I even lost around 10 pounds. So this has freed up some time for me to focus on me and my art. Of course I have to take things a little slow for now so I am not pushing myself to hard but I am getting a little stir crazy (I can’t even drive).

So this leads me to what I have been thinking about for the past 4 days, What do I want to do with my art? Well, I would like to learn new techniques and try new things. I subscribed to “Skillshare” for a few years now and I find that there are a lot of helpful classes, more then just art. Definitely worth checking out.

I recently enrolled in a class by Ana Victoria Calderón, in this class she was teaching about negative space with three different techniques to create the negative space:

The negative space in this one was done with Masking fluidFlower Masking

The Negative space in this one was done with Pulse and Precision (basically just making sure you don’t paint in the are you want to be white.

Neg space tree 2

The third Technique is to you white ink or paint to create the negative space

neg space ink

This is not a perfect circle but you get the idea, this is a watercolor background with the white ink adding the negative space. I used the Ph Martin white ink but I think I will probably pick up the Copic Opaque white ink, apparently it should work better because it is concentrated.

The moral of this post, “Try new things and keep on learning.”


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