Little Alein

During my recovery time after surgery I am going a little stir crazy, so to keep me from truly going crazy I have invested my time into my art. I have been playing around with different things. On this one, I brought out the gouache paint and I must say the gouache scans very well. I can see why artist would use this medium.

Little hello 1

So this little guy was done with what one instructor would call the cloud technique (apparently there are a few types of “cloud” techniques), I will call it the scribble technique. When your have imagination issues, make “scribbles” all over the paper and see what you have. I have done this before on my tablet. Which, it is much easier to get rid of the unwanted scribbles.

These both were done the same way

I am not a huge fan of doing this on paper, only because you have to go back and erase the scribbles you don’t need and depending on what medium you are using you may not be able to cover up the erased pencil. With my little alien, I scanned him into the computer,   opened him up in “Pixelmator,” (If you have a Mac this is a great substitute for Photoshop, especially if you don’t want to keep spending money on a program you don’t use very often) and I cleaned up the page and put a gradient in the background.


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