La Vita e Bella

brusho tree

Life is Beautiful, I wanted a wonderful saying and found this, “La vita e Bella,” Italian for “Life is Beautiful.” There has been some ups and down and when I was drawing this out, I was in a funk. The last thing I wanted to do is add to this funk with negative vibes so I searched for something positive. At first I thought, how can that be, life is beautiful how, so many of us struggle pay check to pay check, we hit the wall so many times or may just be down about the way are life is going. The more I kept repeating this and drawing it out I though about how my life is beautiful and I can up with this, I have an absolutely wonderful and stubborn husband who worries too much sometimes but keeps me grounded, I have two wonderfully, pain it the butt children that can drive me to the brink of insanity but love me with all their hearts. I have a wonderful extended family and some pretty awesome friends. We may not have a lot of money but we have a life full of love, hope and faith.

Share how your life is beautiful, what are you thankful for?

About the art: This was done with Brusho’s and masking was used for the negative space on watercolor paper.


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