I Think my Brain is Rattling

I am a day behind on posting for Day 2 of Inktober but that is ok.

I went with the prompt on this one “Noisy,” as much as I would have loved to draw my children it would have taken too long.

Personally I love music almost any type, but the one thing I can’t seem to understand, is when your in your car and a car beside you has the bass so high that it rattles your brain. I myself have never sat in a car with bass that high for fear that my ears or head would explode so I don’t know if you can even hear anything other than bass. So here is my questions, they are to help others understand the reason behind the bass.

  1. What is the point of having the bass up that high?
  2. Can you hear anything other than bass?
  3. Is it a status thing, the higher the bass the cooler you are?
  4. Does it do damage to you vehicle? with all that vibration it has to rattle something loose, right?

Well at least I know I will have a few more years with out hearing aids than the ones in the “Bass Car”


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