Day 5 of #inktober

Day 5 of #inktober

So what do you do when your not happy with a drawing?

Study it and see what the problem is and work on it.


I am not use to using just ink, and learning how to control it is somewhat challenging. I think lack of sleep also plays a roll with this one too. I had started with the tree and felt it was a little lonely so I added the extras. Making this a spooky little drawing.
I decided to purchase a few more pens and a vial of Winsor & Newton ink that did not come with that over priced bundle I received and to be honest, I like the supplies I purchased separately much better. I also think I am going to break out the grey Copic markers also, I hope that will help me with the lighter areas. I should have plenty of time to learn some control with this Hurricane heading our way, nothing but time, at least for one day.

Happy Inking


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