Have a Pumpkin

Well, we survived the storm. No damage to the houses, except to the guy who drilled wood into his house to cover some of his windows. He was crazy, these are new houses and they make clips for that, No way would I have done that. Anyway, as I said before I had plenty of time on my hands so I used my time wisely.


So for Day 8 of #inktober I choose to do a pumpkin. It is a little darker then I would have liked but I am still learning how each pen works. I also grabbed the few grey Copic markers I have to do the shading. I think it came out fine but the grey’s I have were not close enough together so you it is not a gradient shading that I was going for. Which is ok, I have some warm and cool grey markers coming in on Tuesday so I will just have to be patient.

So, how many people have their pumpkins? We do, we got 2 already. I would like to get a couple bales of hey too, I am hoping that some of these local farms will sell some, time to start calling around. Just before the storm cam one of our neighbors put up the Halloween decorations, they had this awesome window thing that had 4 different setting, it looked like ghost were flying in the room along with people trying to get out, dancing skeletons it was pretty cool. Unfortunately, they had to take everything down before the storm came, I think they are waiting to see if this storm is going to do the loop that the news says it will do before putting the decorations back out. Either way it is time to get ready for Halloween, Can’t wait to decorate.

Happy Inking!


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