Starting to Look a Lot Like……

It’s the 2nd day of December and the reality that Christmas is only a few weeks away is setting in. Since we live in Florida this is the closet I will ever come to building a snowman. I was 26 years old before I ever saw snow in person and I turned into a little girl for the short period it did snow, it was the week before Easter and we went up to Georgia but of course by the time we got up the next morning most of it had melted but I was in awe while it lasted.


I’m not sure how I would fair up north but I would definitely like to take a vacation one year where it actually snows and it stays on the ground for at least a day or two. I don’t want our children to have to wait until they are in their twenties before they see snow for the first time.

Here in Florida we have to make our own snow, we went to the tree lighting in our little town and they had an area where the kids could play in what looks like someone took big chunks of ice and put them through a giant snow cone machine, the kids loved it, so we take what we can get. Hopefully we can get down to 50 degrees for Christmas Day.

I had to take advantage of the kids being tired out, so I put on some music and went to town on the computer. I am starting to get the hang of some of the tools and very happy with the way my little snowman came out.


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