My New Toy

A couple of weeks ago I had a friend invite me to the “Stamp and Scrapbook” expo. At first I said no because I don’t really do much with stamps or scrapbooking but after thinking about I figured I could take the kids and get them out of the house. My daughter loves to make little things out of paper so I figured it would give her some ideas.

Well, I was kind of right, I found this little beauty at the expo and I absolute love it.

watercolor box

This is a Silhouette Cameo cutter, the little blue box you see sitting in front of it was a sheet of watercolor paper that I had done a background on and could figure out what to do with it so I threw it on the cutting mat to see if this machine would cut it and as you can see, it did a fine job. the flowers are a stamp that I received in a mystery box at the expo.

Since then I have been going to town cutting vinyl and the possibilities are almost endless, here are a few things I have done with the machine:

bellas box

This is a box I made for my daughter, we picked up the box from “Michael’s”, painted it and cut out the vinyl. The only thing I noticed with this box it the little brass lock is off centered so I centered the letters with the box not the lock. The other issue I had was the small little soccer balls on top, it was really tough to weed the vinyl on something so tiny. Other then that a success.

marks box

This box was done for my son, and yes he is a little gamer, we did the same, got the box, painted it and put the vinyl on it. Looking at it from this angle it looks like a success and it would have been if I would have placed the vinyl in the right direction. I put it on upside down. Still looks good though.

moms sketchbook

This is one of my many sketch books so I figured I would practice on it. Another lesson learned on this one, take the time to place some markers so the text goes on straight. Other than that, I love the way it looks


This is one of my favorites, my vapor mod. This was my first vinyl project, it was a solid pink so I dressed it up a little. I learn a bit on this one, mainly finding the right cut setting on the Silhouette and maybe a little patients.

I am still learning but the final goal is to be able to trace my own artwork an be able to cut it on this machine. I am still in the trial and error stage so we will see what happens, there are so many things to learn on this machine and I have bearly scratched the surface. I actually have some card stock coming in soon so I am excited about doing some cards too.


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