When Life Gets You Down…..

I know as a woman that tough times are just that, tough times. You can either let them take over you or you can fight through them. Me, I would rather fight through them. We have a young lady at another branch (my 9-5 job), that has fallen on some tough times and I know that sometimes its nice to see that people do still care. I do not know her personally but I know the feeling, I am sure all of us do. I thought it would be nice to give her a card but not just any card, one that was just for her, apparently she loves high heels. This also pushed me to figure out how the hell do I get my artwork to cut out on cards. This is what I started with, sketched out and traced with pen:

Easy enough, so here is the tough part, how do I get it to cut so it doesn’t just leave an outline of a high heel in the middle of the card? I started first thing in the morning but with life I had to stop a couple of times, take the kids to the park, get lunch and do some grocery shopping. Once we got home it was straight to the computer. By the end of the night I got it figured out. I must say, I am happy with the end results.

I like the sturdiness of watercolor paper, plus I already had watercolor cards so that is what I cut out of, once cut I took a small piece of watercolor paper and did the background, of course with watercolors. Once dry I glued it to the back of the top flap of the card. What I really liked was this stuff called “liquid glass,” it gives a nice shiny accent.

It was my first time using it and I loved the look. After taking the photo I noticed some air bubbles so I will have to watch for that the next time I use it.

I will be impatiently waiting for holidays and birthdays just so I can make more cards. I already have ideas for Christmas and actually have some sketches started. I can honestly say the Silhouette Cameo is by far the best investment I have made in the last few years.


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