My Go to Place

In between everyday life and learning to use the Silhouette I have still been doodling away. Usually watching Destination America, I am a sucker for ghost stories, on occasion they will have a real scary one that freaks me out a little but what can I say, that is my go to channel.

When I am not sure what I want to draw I will plop down on the couch, grab a blanket and a pillow to put on my lap with my sketch book and pens in hand along with my favorite channel. Sometimes I start and erase 4 or 5 times, other times I know exactly what I want to do. Here is a small collection of 3 couch sessions.

Of course if I have something important to work on I will be at either my computer desk or art desk. I am curious to know who else has a go to place when you are just trying to stay creative? Do you have background noise like a radio or TV? What are some of the things you create when you doodle?


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