I will admit it took a life changing moment for me to rediscover my love to create art. In high school I took as many art classes I could,  I even started college for a little while only to find out it wasn’t for me. Which has unfortunately stuck with me to this day (still paying for it ).  After that, I went in the wrong direction and going out and hanging out with the wrong people became more important.

Finally I removed my head from my rear and changed my ways. I met my wonderful husband and stepson, I went from no direction to a wife and mother. I still had my love of art but did nothing with it. After a few years of marriage we had our son, who I might add is just as inpatient as his mother and was born 11 weeks early and in the hospital for 5 months with other medical issues, he is now almost 11 years old. A year and a half later we had our daughter, she is showing a love of art too, she is so creative she just turned 8.

So life was good, we had our family and our house, that was until about 2010, we were unfortunate to get caught in the economic downfall and my husband lost his job. We had to short sell our house and move in with my mother. This is the kick in the butt that I actually felt.

The artwork that you see on this blog is work that I have created

If there is one thing that I want my kids to learn from me, it would be, no matter how old you are, don’t give up on your dreams even if they do get lost for awhile.

If you would like to contact me please email me at: Calabro.gallery@yahoo.com




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