What is the difference?

I desided to take a couple of days off for my birthday, maybe do a little birthday shopping for myself.  First I have a meeting with my son’s teacher before I can do that so I am sitting at Starbucks right now enjoying some coffee before I go.  It’s funny that even sitting outside there are so many people here either talking business on their phone or on their computers. I think to myself,  wow, what a life. My dream is to make art, create beautiful things and these people are surrounded by stress and deals.

Here is the crazy thing, it makes me realize how people are so much a like. I am working on my next deal (painting ), I have to market just like these guys are doing to make a sale. They may have more money and available sources to make their deal go smoothly but all in all we are the same. So why does the all might dollar make such a difference?  So I have a car that is almost 10 years old, doesn’t that make me smart for saving money and waiting until I need a new one? I am so tired of there being this thing between people,  we all bleed,  we all breath, we all smile, cry and get angry.

I know in my mind everyone should treat everyone with love and respect, in the real world, it just doesn’t happen. Maybe one day, until then, I will love and cherish the people I meet and the loves in my life, family and friends.


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